Atlanta, Georgia

Stop assisting mental disturbed, mean-evil men, over aggressive people from getting into their hands and possession these deadly unneeded assault weapons and armmonitions killing and massacring our little babies. You are part of the babies killing machine for the chase of the all mighty dollars.

You help kill our babies for the love of money. Stop it now. We as great grand fathers, grand fathers, fathers, brothers, uncles will use every and all legal means to bring you down. Don't be a child killer.

I've been shopping Wal-Mart for over 40 years. The day those little babies were massacred in Newton, Connecticut was the day my family, friends and I stopped walmart shopping.

You are the number one seller and distributor of assault weapons and armmonitoins! Wal-Mart stop the babies killing now!

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*** it was mental illness and *** people like you who killed the babies


This is all kind of funny. It's not like WalMart doesn't do background checks, despite what people might say. I went in to buy a hunting rifle and the FBI check came back as a hold and I had to wait three weeks before I was approved to make my purchase. I was also a manager for WalMart for many years and had to deal with the fire arm regulations, trust me there is a lot to it.

We need to stop blaming the retailers and the laws and take a look around us. We are to blame for overlooking the people who are mentally ill, or just feel pushed over the edge. We should ask what we as a society did to make this person feel that their actions are justified. Maybe if we pay more attention these things won't happen.

By the way I really can't stand WalMart myself for many other reasons.


Wal mart did not sell the guns to the gunman. His mother owned the guns.

And if people in this country would treat mental illness like all other illnesses, this may have been avoided altogether. But to blame Wal Mart is inexcusible.