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You claim to be the all American store, well you are badly influencing an "all American ten year old boy. He has harassed me since I joined this site and he continues to harass me by accusing me of racism. He is probably jealous of how much I make. I am a registered nurse and make 90k a year I bet his father does not make as much as he does. A friend told me that his mother does not live with him anymore. With a rude son like him I can understand why. Why is his dad not doing anything about how he treats people. You as an all American company are encouraging his behavior by getting your employees, "Jessica," and "Trevor", to encourage his behavior. I often go to your stores but until you give me a $75 gift card on behalf of "Trevor" and "Jessica" I will not put a spend a dime in your store. I am a registered nurse and make 90k a year and can provide a lot for your store.

This Zachary kid is only ten but don't be surprised if he slips through the cracks and turns into a rapist one day or a serial killer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Location: Ajax, Ontario

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90k? You got to be kidding me.

Jeez, no one really cares how much money you make, and if you actually make that much money, then why do you even shop at Walmart or request gift cards all the time. Jeez, just to clarify, 90k is not that much. And so you don't harass me saying racist stuff about me and making fake comments of "How poor am I", my husband makes 300k a year. And yes, I might not be a "pureblood" but that doesn't mean I'm dirt.

And start respecting people.

And go to a mental clinic. I sure hope this is one big scam.


who cares how much money you make a year


***...... This person (who knows if it is a woman, a man or both!) is an RN that has been stealing the meds from the mental clinic!

Kids, please pay attention to the person who wrote this complaint. THIS IS THE REASON WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER TRY DRUGS!!!


What did you just say, *uses *** while reading post.*


:x What does this crazy womans ramblings have to do with walmart?


I can't believe all the people that are actually buying into this *** this is obviously some multiple personality freak looking for attention and all you are doing by commenting on here is feeding their need for attention!!!! I mean come on 90k a year for a nurse YEAH right.

google it they don't make near that much and with all the negative attitude this person puts out they would not last a day much less a year as a nurse of any kind!!! So quit feeding their needs and just ignore this persons wacked out fantasy!!!


*** you complain all your lies about zachary are unfounded and I know him in real life.


Probably so.


I think she has been taking too much of her patients medication.


Why would I not encourage his behavior?


Okay, I see you are at it again.



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