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I have proof, here is a letter that this retard wrote. Just look at the comments that me and Brett wrote for him to teach him a lesson. />

We have told him that if he does not get off this site we will continue swearing at him and being rude. Also unlike him I will end this letter the proper way with a proper ending unlike that little retard. Notice how I put two spaces after the final greeting and signature. This retard did not if you look at his letter.


Jason Tillo

Age 16

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Jessie, Jason is 16 and Zachary is ten. The reason Jason/Brett pick on him is because they don't have the balls to pick on somoene their own size whether online or in the real world.


Oh, and since you're the English professor here, you should know that you were also grammatically incorrect.

"Why are you not ending it." There doesn't need to be a period there. You were asking a question, not making a statement.


And you're not retarded? What is your reason for being so rude and obnoxious? Tell me because I would love to know why some kids in my generation are just unbelievably ugly and rude.

Zachary has done nothing wrong. You keep saying rude things about him and I have yet to see a reply from him. He was thanking a group of people.... That's what being MATURE is all about!

It doesn't matter if he's 10 or 20, you still shouldn't be so darn rude.


Um, let me think. Nah.... Why would you even ask me that.

Glad to hear your stop with me, if only you would just stop.


Goodbye Jason, to bad I wont miss you:)


Okay Sick, I will stop fighting with you, but now that we have stopped fighting why don't we team up and get harass Zachary until he feels unwanted.


Alright, Jason, lets end this little shenanigan of yours.

I know I am.


I know..... :)


One more message to Sick, I agree with what George is saying, stop responding to Jason period. Just ignore the ***.

I would stay away from these letters for a while so you are not tempted to respond back to this ***. My guess is that he is an undisciplined child. When parents fail to discipline their children they grow up always wanting their own way. Being rude and immature when they don't get what they want.

Don't let that *** get to you.

Also don't give him too much credit. :grin


I have read the insults back and forth between Sick and Jason, and to me both being immature. I chose to ignore them and not get into the argument.

But consider this a fair warning if you are going to attack a child and call him ugly names than I will respond. Consider this a a warning for all of you.

SickSensation. I understand that in the last post that you made you were complimenting Jason by saying that he is throwing a temper tantrum like a ten year old, but I think you are giving him too much credit. We have children that young (Zachary, Richard, Chris) and they don't throw tantrums because they are not getting their way.

Some of them have been here since age 9. A ten year old knows better than that, no I would say that Jason is acting more like a four year old than a ten year old because even a ten year old knows not to throw a tantrum when things don't go their way.

Jason perhaps taking an afternoon nap will make you less cranky. Maybe you are not getting enough sleep.


Sick is just posting these messages because you are attacking someone six years younger than you. Because you are attacking someone too young to defend himself. Gosh you must be in High School and Zachary is not even in Junior High as yet. You are posting because you are a *** and bully. Now I admit that Sick is not ignoring you in his letters like you he should and he and you are egging on each other on. But besides the letter that Zachary wrote on you. (which is the truth considering you and your friend have been picking on him since summer.) He has not done anything to you or said anything to you to deserve having a nasty letter on him. If you are going to pick on someone try picking on someone more close to your age.

And sick, I know Jason is being a *** But stop feeding this troll, stop responding to his posts and maybe he will go away and go to another website. Just let him post rude and insulting comments without replying it will just make him look as what he is "a pathetic bully."

As for Jason, I think it is very sad that your parents use the internet as a babysitter.


Jason, now tell me what the *** does this letter have to do with Wal-Mart. I doubt they will even read your letter since they have millions of other emails.

Second if they do manage to read your letter you just wasted two minutes of their time when they could be reading a real consumer letter. Not only that but they are going to think you are the foolish one not him. Why are you not posting the age of the child you are picking on. I know because it will just make you look like a pathetic bully.

They are not even going to bother reading the letters you referenced. Like I asked in the first post what the *** does this letter have to do with Wal-mart.


Not only is your writing poor but your reading is poor as well. It says at the end of the letter "Age 16"


I thought you were going to end this SickSensation. Why are you not ending it.

Also this is not about you which just proves that you just want attention. This is between me and Retard.


Jason, this makes you look real ***. How old are you?