Kansas City, Missouri
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I walked into the store with my girlfriend with the intent on buying a few shirts and a pack of cigarettes. I couldn't find the shirts I was looking for, not just because I had never been into the store, but because there were no associates willing to help, so I gave up on that endeavor and decided to just get my smokes and leave.

My girlfriend was the one who had to purchase the cigarettes as I had forgot my ID. As I approached the counter an elderly "gentleman" (I use quotations because the man was far from a gentleman, he was entirely rude and seemed disinterested in my business.) I told him what kind of cigarettes we needed and he asked for ID, my girlfriend pulled out her ID (we are both twenty years of age) and he told us that because I was the one who told him what we needed he could not sell them to us. This would have been understandable, and that is not the reason for my complaint, the man decided to raise his voice and make a scene out of the whole thing exclaiming "NOPE! Can't do it!

YOU have to be the one with the ID in order to make this purchase!" He then ran off to inform the service desk not to sell us cigarettes, inferring that we would return some minutes later to try again.

This man had a gold fifteen years of service badge, I expect more from associates like that. I really wished while walking out that I could have had the man fired, he embarrased me in front of a large group of people, and cost that particular Walmart this consumer for the rest of my life.

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It's understandable for the man to request both of you to have ID's, but it was quite unnessecary for him to make a scene. He's probably had the same situation in the past but where the customer has turned it into a scene.

He was probably expecting you to do the same thing and wanted to beat you to the punch.

You should really contact the individual store and give them a piece of your mind. Good for you for sticking to your guns!